Love Full-Circle 18K Gold Plated Pendant

Love Full-Circle 18K Gold Plated Pendant


Love Full Circle is one of 5 Love symbols by Ali Sabet. Each symbol spells out the word love, but embodies so much more. Love full circle is the word LOVE written with a single line completing a a full circle. The symbol also showcases a person holding their hands together. Love full circle is a symbol of Love, Unity and the infinite.

The pendant is an 18K Gold Plated and comes with a 18k Gold Plated Chain

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All throughout history, Art has been a medium for the Spirit world to communicate with us and bring forth healing.  In my own work, these messages come through as images that are created spontaneously and through a language that flows through me called "Lovescript".  They are Alive and emanate a Being with an Essence. In searching for new ways to transfer this love and energy, I am beyond excited to share the new Lovescript Jewelry Collection with you.  For the first time, Lovescript is available beyond the traditional canvas.